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          Harvard Business School Professor, a company's past performance can only look at the book. Now more of the company's corporate culture and the cultural cohesion. This company is the key to sustainable development. Enterprise culture to a certain stage of development is an inevitable requirement of a modern enterprise competition is the competition. to rely on the enterprise culture and people rallying around Machinery Co., Ltd. Ningbo Yong Yong inherent mechanical extraction enterprise culture, eternal alliance grand total, create a good business environment of harmony, the creation of a positive and progressive enterprise. The atmosphere of hard work, our own, own work. Honesty jobs knowledge innovative entrepreneurial spirit :
          Business ideas : a client, a marketing concept : create demand, a social services, persistent innovation. Machinery Co., Ltd. Ningbo Yong forge ahead as technological innovation, management development and progress for the permanent soul of the company. encourage technology transfer and innovation and product development, upgrading, innovation is the eternal pursuit.
      Third, mutual benefit and common development Yong machinery exists not for profit, is more of a concern to customers. really want to help business partners. The group as a "win-win" will continue to grow because of a sincere, honest and interactive marketing affiliated customers. Timely product quality after-sales service to enable customers to create the most cost-hong machinery.

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